The British Resistance in Wales

16th September 2011 - 25th February 2012

This exhibition tells the history of the British Resistance movement during the Second World War.  Carefully selected men were enlisted and trained as guerilla soldiers. If the Nazi attack had been successful, their mission was to sabotage their advance through Britain.  Their role was secret and even wives were unaware of their husbands jobs until much later in the 20th century.  These auxiliary units were supported by Special Duties Section, selected from the civilian population and trained to carry and receive important messages across the countryside.

The novel 'Resistance' imagines a past where the D-Day landings failed and Britain became occupied.  It tells the story of the women left behind when their men leave to carry out their duties - with a predicted life expentancy of only 14 days.  When German forces occupy the remote valley where the women live, they are forced to tread the line between survival and collaboration.

Exhibits include costume and art work from the film, alongside artefacts loaned by families of the resistance forces.  In addition Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team have produced a documentary about the auxiliary units.  It also features artwork by Dan Llywelyn Hall, the resident artist on set - this work is for sale.

The author, Owen Sheers, was brought up near Abergavenny and the book is based in the Olchon Valley.  Filming in the area took place in Autumn 2010.  The film is produced by Richard Holmes and Amanda Faber and directed by Amit Gupta.  It stars Andrea Riseborough, Michael Sheen and Tom Wlaschiha.  It will be released on November 25th 2011.

To find out more about the British Resistance go to www.coleshillhouse.com