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De braose shield
Find out more about Abergavenny Castle with new ‘Family Backpacks’. In each rucksack, there are replica artefacts, such as a leather tankard, items to try on, including chain mail, and historic games, such as quoits to play. There are laminated information sheets explaining the history of the castle, and binoculars to help you look at the architectural features more closely. You will also find Castle Explorer activity sheets, crayons, clipboards and pencils, to record your findings.

“A real sense of discovery when we opened up the bag”

These backpacks are free to use, although users are required to leave a small security deposit (e.g. car keys, credit card, mobile phone).

They are available from the Museum desk during museum opening hours. The museum would also be interested to hear from small groups, such as Brownies and Cubs, who may want to book a visit to the castle to use them.

Castle Trail Sheets available here.